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CHEERFAG! [entries|friends|calendar]
For the cheer-tator in all of us.

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Screencap Bonanza! [03 Dec 2005|09:47pm]

OK, sadly it's not here as that'd be too much like exciting content..
But I have found some great places for anyone who ever feels the burning need to make icons of a certain type. I know i've found it quite hard to find decent Bring It On caps before, so these sites are v.handy!

For 829 "Bring It On" screencaps!

For 100s 'O' "Mean Girls" screencaps.

Links to other movie-cap sites.
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Rihanna to act in 'Bring It On Yet Again' [08 Nov 2005|04:24pm]

Rihanna, who recently stormed the charts with single Pon De Replay, has decided she wants to go into acting.

To this end, she'll be making a cameo appearance in the third installment of cheerleader film Bring It On.


(I still haven't seen Bring It On Again, though the imdb quotes for it make it seem quite sassy)
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"Hey, is this thing on?!" [29 Oct 2005|07:48pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


Journal customised.
Icons in place.
Info page all fired up with a summary of what we're about,
and a big list of teen movies in the interests page
to get people on over here...

I think we're ready to go!

Oh and, hello by the way.

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